Fire Ant stings/bites​ become a small red blister like sore within hours or up to  24-48 hours that causes a painful, burning sensation. Do not scratch blister like sores, leave sores intact to avoid a secondary skin infection. Wash with soap and water and apply ice pack to area for relief of pain or burning.

​Fire Ant venom can cause serious allergic reactions in hypersensitive individuals, causing swelling of the face, eyes, or throat, breathing difficulties, nausea, chest pains, in very rare cases, a fatal allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. If any of these serious symptoms present, immediately seek medical attention.

Fire Ant stings/bites are not limited to humans. Fire Ants often attack small animals and livestock causing serious injury or even death. 

Fire Ants may cause serious damage to property, lawns, gardens, crops, equipment, machinery, irrigation systems, and electrical wiring that can lead to expensive repairs.

Fire Ants can directly affect tourism, and export trade as well.